Your sessions are customized to who you are as a couple, your specific needs and concerns.  You might be:

  • Many years married
  • Engaged, seeking premarital counseling
  • Newlywed or recently married
  • In a serious relationship and want to check your couple compatibility for long-term
  • With or without children; parenting or a stepparent with stepchildren
  • Remarried or considering second marriage
  • In a Christian marriage, or sharing important values and beliefs
  • Facing life changes like empty nest, career & job changes, health changes or retirement – these impact relationships!

How it works:
1) You begin by each taking a couples’ inventory which we set up just for you online.  It covers a wide variety of relationship issues and will help us focus our session time efficiently.  Couples say it gets them thinking and talking right away, before sessions even start.  2) Next, we schedule your 4 to 6 sessions where the four of us meet privately to help you build an even stronger relationship.


  • To identify your strengths as a couple and build new ones
  • To strengthen your communication
  • To increase your ability to resolve disagreements
  • To consider your family-of-origin, role relationships, and expectations
  • To develop a workable budget and financial plan
  • To develop your personal, couple and family goals
  • Ultimate Goal: To help you build a stronger and happier relationship!

Your Facilitators, Ami & Brandon Hudson: Your couples sessions have the added benefit of husband and wife co-facilitators.  Ami Hudson is Your Personal Chaplain and helps people navigate through life with meaning, purpose and faith.  Brandon Hudson is a mediator, attorney and former hospital chaplain interested in healthy relationships and successful problem solving. They have been married since 1997.

Pricing options:

Four Session Format  (our most popular)

$299 covers all four of your sessions.  The couples inventory (required) is an additional $35 per couple (We advance this fee directly to the testing company for you.  It’s well worth the cost because it gets you talking and focuses your session time effectively.)   The sessions plus your online inventory total $334.

Six Session Format

$450 includes six couples sessions.  This format allows a more relaxed pace and more individual time.  The online inventory adds $35 for a total cost of $485.

Payment in full is required before your sessions start, by credit card or check.  Please write Checks to Ami Hudson and mail to PO Box 1845, Halifax VA 24558.  For credit cards, please click “Buy Now” below.  You can pay with or without a PayPal account.  Afterwards, please call or email us with your contact info so that we can schedule your sessions promptly.  We look forward to working with you. Thank you!


Refund policy: If you need to discontinue your remaining sessions once our work together has begun, we will refund 75% of any unused portion.  Additionally, if we as facilitators determine that you would be better helped by others with different expertise, we will refund unused fees.

While your sessions are educational in nature, they are often appropriate to those seeking marriage counseling, marriage enrichment, Christian marriage counseling, couples therapy, premarital counseling, and similar services (marriage counselor, marriage therapist, Christian counselor, couples therapist, Christian marriage counselor, minister).