Not so merry and bright?

Despite its winter landscapeblessings, this time of year can be hard. Maybe there’s someone you miss. Maybe you miss the way things used to be. Maybe you miss the way you used to be. Maybe you wonder whether loved ones value your efforts. Maybe it’s disappointing to compare reality to that picture-perfect holiday image that’s on all the pretty Christmas cards.

Whatever you’re thinking about, let’s talk it through. We’ll sort things out together and find what’s honest, true and good– and how you’d like to respond.

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Five ways to enjoy December

1. Relax with massage– for a good cause
Massage Therapist Margot Gerrity at Lakeside Therapies in Clarksville VA is saving for a massage table with a lift in order to alleviate neck pain she experiences while working. I want her to get this soon, so if you’d like to invest in a massage during the holidays, know that your extra business will also be helping towards this needed purchase. Your session will do you a lot of good too! If I can tell you more about Margot’s beneficial work, let me know.

2. Stay in the present moment
cherry pieMindfulness is the theme during December classes at Ohm Yoga Center, Halifax. Check Rebecca’s schedule for class times. Your first class is free.

3. Choose and cut your own tree right on the farm
Pick-a-Pine Plantation is open through this weekend. Call new owner Bill Myers for information, (434) 476-1475.

4. Easygoing shopping
Erin Thackston of South Boston opened a new little shop inside The Market on Virginia Avenue, Clarksville. Her space, Shoofly Pie, has gift items and lake-themed decor. From time to time she may add furniture that she refinishes herself.

5. A really exquisite bar of handcrafted soap
All-natural and handcrafted by Mary Helen Stafford of Vernon Hill, Honey Oaks Soap is available in downtown South Boston at Natural Way Health Food Store, The Halifax County Visitors Center, and at Staunton River State Park. A batch of peppermint soap was curing at press time.

What do we expect out of Valentine’s?

Once during school, a boy I liked a lot gave me a handmade Valentine’s card. My reaction? I was absolutely devastated. Let me explain. There on the elegantly shaped pink construction-paper heart, neatly printed in perfectly spaced handwriting, was a beautiful verse about love. Sounds good, but wait. It was a scripture verse about God’s love– not romantic verse about the boy’s devotion to me.

In my youthful way of reading between the lines with absolute confidence in my own conclusions, I decided to my horror that such a card could only mean one thing. Clearly this boy wanted me to know that he only likes me as a friend, does not return my fragile affections, and is letting me down gently by reminding me that at least God still loves me (God, not him).

I tried not to let my disappointment show. Heartbroken, I thanked him for the card and quietly, dutifully forced myself to stop paying attention to him– in painful compliance with his plainly-expressed wishes, or so I believed.

In retrospect, I may have taken that wrong. Probably I blew it with a really nice guy who risked a handmade card only to find me inexplicably ignoring him afterwards and we both drew our own conclusions. Not exactly a storybook ending.

istock_girlholdingvalentineI’ve grown up a bit since then, but I’m still aware that we attach a lot of expectations to Valentine’s Day. If things don’t turn out like we imagined, all that pink and red can give us a severe case of the blues.

What we want

What do people want out of Valentine’s Day? Well, diamonds and cell phones if you believe the ads, and of course gifts are nice. Underneath all that we want to be appreciated, to be loved. Valentine’s gives us occasion to let people know that they are loved and appreciated. That is a good thing.

A couple of years ago, Rebecca Ryskind Teti asked women readers of her blog ( about their hopes for Valentine’s Day. She said that most of them mentioned Read more

Towards a more meaningful 2012!

I have some new types of sessions for you. Focus on what’s really important in the New Year. Packages are available (info below) for you to try different kinds of sessions, or to focus more regularly on one.You matter. Invest in a more meaningful life!


Individual Sessions

You’ve set goals before. This time you’ll come away with a custom-made plan that spells out the specifics. You’ll be patting yourself on the back at the end of 2012.

100_0980Spiritual direction
Seeking a deeper spiritual life? Bring your challenges, hopes, stories or questions. We’ll sort things out in conversation to see where faith and life intersect (or where they don’t yet).

Making sense of your Dreams
Does that dream you woke up with mean anything? It probably does have something to offer you, so let’s explore it.

Life/Career Values
What values, talents and interests take priority for you, and how do you want to respond? I have a life/career planning activity that helps you connect who you are with what you do.

Retirement Values
More than ever you want your life to reflect your values, express your talents, and be fulfilling. I have an activity that helps you connect who you are with what you do.

Coaching session
What changes do you want to make? Tell me about them and let me help you plan to make them.

Happiness Inventory
What things in life are most important to your happiness right now? I have an activity we can use in your session to help you take stock, then set goals in these areas. One more happy person in the world is good for all of us!

Pricing and Packages
    for your private sessions

1 session is $49
2 sessions, $88 (10% off)
3 sessions, $125 (15% off). Mix and match different kinds of sessions, or stick with one.
4 sessions, $157 (20% off). Winter, spring, summer and fall. Check in as the seasons change.*
6 sessions, $220 (25% off) Meet every 2nd month,* throughout the year.
12 sessions, $353 (40% off). Come once a month* during 2012 for less than a dollar per day and keep yourself moving forward all year long.

*Or schedule your sessions closer together if you like– up to you.

Announcing our fall schedule

100_0816-197x3001Want to get back on track this fall? Consider a goals group. Wonder if dreams mean anything? See for yourself at the dreams workshops. Could you use a day apart? Treat yourself to the fall retreat. Here are upcoming events for fall. Registration is now underway. I hope to see you.

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Mastermind/ Goals Group

                A new short-term Mastermind group is now forming (the ongoing, original group is now full) to meet for three sessions only, once a month in September, October and November. A Mastermind group consists of four to six positive, motivated people who help each other move forward with goals, decisions, projects or challenges by sharing feedback, ideas and encouragement.
                Each person gets about twenty minutes of the group’s focus, during which the agenda is up to you– sharing a goal, a decision you are trying to make, a challenge you are working through –and getting other members’ perspectives, all in support of your success.  
                Members of the current group have had success in areas including: growing businesses, fitness, starting a community initiative, relating to extended family, getting organized, considering big decisions, and good old everyday problem solving. Your agenda is always up to you. What goals or projects will you bring?

  • Will meet at Halifax once a month in September, October and November.
  • Cost: $49 on or before September 8; or $59 after September 8.
  • To register, print this form , answer the four questions on the form, and mail with payment.

 Dreams Workshop Series

                 Dreams playfully speak real wisdom into our waking life if we pay a little attention, and the Bible has many examples of dreams’ significance. Explore dreams in different ways in this three-part series, including dream theater (acting out a dream) and Gestalt dreamwork if there is interest. If you participated in this series before, you are welcome back; with dreams, the material’s always new. 

  • Meets on three Mondays: September 26, October 17 and November 21, 6:30 -8:30 p.m.
  • Cost: $39 on or beforeSeptember 12, $49 thereafter. 
  • To register, print this form and mail with payment.

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Creative Day Apart Retreatchris-butterworth

                Come apart from the clutter of life to an October morning set apart for something different. A lovely home in a quiet setting offers space for reflection. We’ll guide you in a few simple, creative endeavors that encourage deeper listening within yourself and with God on this half-day retreat.
                Chris Butterworth of Halifax will co-facilitate this event with Hudson. Butterworth brings a wealth of retreat experience and a passion for helping others discover their gifts.Ami Hudson, M.Div

  • Saturday, October 22, 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at 484 Mountain Road, Halifax
  • Led by Chris Butterworth and Ami Hudson
  • Cost: $35 on or before October 8 or $45 after October 8
  • To register, print this form , complete and mail with payment.

Finding Balance

gradient_logo1                Locally organized Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) will host Ami Hudson for an October 12 program, “Finding Balance: How not to lose yourself as responsibilities grow.”

Biblical Herb Gardens

                Learn about herbs found in the Bible and their relevance to the times with some historical facts and folklore thrown in, plus how to make a Biblical Herb Garden in your own yard. Led by Marjani “Rev” Dele, Ami Hudson and Kathy Conner Cornell, this Saturday Garden Forum also includes “Making Herbal Vinegars” with Cornell. In cooperation with the Halifax County Master Gardeners and held at the Southern Virginia Higher Education Center, the Garden Forum is set for

  • Saturday, November 5, 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
  • To register ($15), contact the Southern Virginia Higher Education Center’s  College for Life Long Learning


                For more information or to register for events, call (434) 476-4111 or sign up for updates at  You may also click here to contact Ami. Ami Hudson, M.Div. is a Christian spiritual director who offers sessions for individuals and couples, workshops, speaking and retreats through her office at Halifax, VA.

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