Ignite your Life! An Introduction to Mastermind Groups

Ignite your Life!

An Introduction to Mastermind Groups

Two locations: April 23 at Clarksville VA -OR- April 25 at Halifax VA

At Clarksville, VA on Tuesday, April 23, held at St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church. Choose morning (10-12:30) OR evening (6:15-8:45). Questions? Contact Ami Hudson.

At Halifax, VA on Thursday April 25, at 193 North Main Street (Ami & Brandon’s office). Choose morning (10- 12:30) OR evening (6:15-8:45).

Try this upbeat, practical and engaging approach. In a mastermind group, we discuss our projects and ideas and get input from other smart, creative people with different perspectives. It’s very motivating to stretch yourself towards those great intentions you never quite get around to. It seems we all have them! And the mastermind format is so much fun.

We started a group in Halifax several years ago, and I now lead a second group in Raleigh NC. Bestselling author Jack Canfield of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series dedicates a chapter of his book, “The Success Principles” to Mastermind Groups. This is your chance to try it out yourself. Here’s how it works:

  • Share a goal, a decision you are trying to make, or a challenge you’re working through.
  • Get (and give to others) input, ideas and encouragement– all in support of each other’s success.
  • You’ll typically find smart, understanding collaborators, bold new plans, laughter, real progress, and people who want to hear your good news next time they see you.
  • Work on getting organized, business, wellness, creative projects, relationships, community initiatives, big decisions or everyday problem solving–it’s up to you.

I will give an introduction about mastermind groups and how they work, then I will start us off by sharing a project of mine and asking your input. Then you will take a turn getting the group’s perspectives on whatever you would like. If you need ideas on what to work on, I will have materials to get you started.

No more feeling “blah.”  It’s time to get going toward the life that is intended for you. This approach will motivate and inspire you.

Cost: $10
Deadline: Register by Wednesday, April 17
Questions? Contact Ami Hudson.
To Register: Click “Buy Now” below or mail payment with your name, phone number, e-mail address, and choice of location (Clarksville or Halifax) and time (morning or evening) to Ami Hudson, PO Box 1845, 193 North Main Street, Halifax VA 24558.

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