Towards a more meaningful 2012!

I have some new types of sessions for you. Focus on what’s really important in the New Year. Packages are available (info below) for you to try different kinds of sessions, or to focus more regularly on one.You matter. Invest in a more meaningful life!


Individual Sessions

You’ve set goals before. This time you’ll come away with a custom-made plan that spells out the specifics. You’ll be patting yourself on the back at the end of 2012.

100_0980Spiritual direction
Seeking a deeper spiritual life? Bring your challenges, hopes, stories or questions. We’ll sort things out in conversation to see where faith and life intersect (or where they don’t yet).

Making sense of your Dreams
Does that dream you woke up with mean anything? It probably does have something to offer you, so let’s explore it.

Life/Career Values
What values, talents and interests take priority for you, and how do you want to respond? I have a life/career planning activity that helps you connect who you are with what you do.

Retirement Values
More than ever you want your life to reflect your values, express your talents, and be fulfilling. I have an activity that helps you connect who you are with what you do.

Coaching session
What changes do you want to make? Tell me about them and let me help you plan to make them.

Happiness Inventory
What things in life are most important to your happiness right now? I have an activity we can use in your session to help you take stock, then set goals in these areas. One more happy person in the world is good for all of us!

Pricing and Packages
    for your private sessions

1 session is $49
2 sessions, $88 (10% off)
3 sessions, $125 (15% off). Mix and match different kinds of sessions, or stick with one.
4 sessions, $157 (20% off). Winter, spring, summer and fall. Check in as the seasons change.*
6 sessions, $220 (25% off) Meet every 2nd month,* throughout the year.
12 sessions, $353 (40% off). Come once a month* during 2012 for less than a dollar per day and keep yourself moving forward all year long.

*Or schedule your sessions closer together if you like– up to you.

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